The Best Yes

Have you ever said yes to something and later realized it was huge mistake? Or better yet, you became unimaginably overwhelmed because you said yes. One of my favorite quotes from The Best Yes, which happens to be on page 5, says “We must not confuse the command to love with the disease to please.” Let me tell you, when I read this I immediately felt a weight lifted. Often times we say yes because we want to show love, show that we care, or show that we are supportive. But the problem is the feeling of regret overshadows the good deed we committed ourselves to. We can’t really find the time to do what we promised or it’s a bit more than we can chew. Even worse, now I have to neglect things that are important to me and my family to make sure I get this done…all out of love. The Best Yes is a handbook for those of us who stand outside of the circle of “No”.

Lysa Terkeurst puts it all on the table and scripturally teaches how saying yes is just as harmful as saying no.  She puts things into perspective and encourages how to determine what The Best Yes is for you.  She shares personal stories which brings a sense of intimacy to the reader.  I felt like she was my bff!  She is witty, insightful and on point.  This is a must read for anyone who innately has the “disease to please”. Ask God for wisdom and always remember there are consequences to every “Yes”.



Oh the simpler things in life. In my most busiest times, I dream of that one chance to relax. It never happens! I’ve learned that to overcome the everyday mundane things in my life, I have to schedule rest.  Rest to me is enjoying quiet time away from home, office, grocery stores, my daughter’s school activities and my small business.  REST, I’m glad to say was found at a local grape vineyard.  The weather, the view, the quiet and of course the muscadine grapes were exactly what the doctor ordered.  So serene!

It wasn’t Hawaii, Italy or sunny California but for the time I was there, it was my retreat from the monotonous pandemonium of my wonderful life.

Take It Slow

Every now and them it’s good to sit back, reflect, redefine and react. It seems we are always on the go trying to get somewhere. Have you ever taken a road trip and stopped on the side of the road or at a rest stop to regroup. Well, life is nothing but a journey. There are times when you have to stop on the side of the road or stop at the rest stop to regroup. Whenever you find it necessary, do it. You have to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Jade and Stackerz

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE my three dogs.  So when I received Pedigree Stackerz complimentary from Influenster to review, I couldn’t wait to see how my dogs would react.  I love that the treats are divided into three sections.  Instead of giving them a whole treat like I normally do, I can break one treat into three small individual pieces. Perfect!  My dogs love them.  Look at Jade’s content face! lol

Thank you Influenster and Pedigree for introducing my dogs and I to something new and wonderful!